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How not to suck as a Lead

I have worked as a UX Designer for almost a decade now. In all this time I had played multiple roles, including the Lead UX Designer and Delivery Leader. I…

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Hosting World IA Day 2019

Save the date! On February 23, 2019, UX City is hosting in Cluj-Napoca the World IA Day. Stay to date with the latest news, join UX City‘s private email list…

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When you know your #game is going to suck, you try to sell the #demo to make up for the losses. I see what you did there #Anthem #EA #BioWare


How to ace your next interview?

Let’s get one thing out of our way. Your interview is about you! Not about the school you went to, not about your grades, who your parents are or for…

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How not to be a noob at UX Design

A few tips which could potentially make your life as a user experience designer easier Trigger warning! — This article uses irony and sarcasm. Have fun reading 🙂 UX is hot 🌶️…

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