Covid19 Romania

Edit. Took down the site since at this point there are a lot more sources that do a much better job providing data and transparency about the covid situation in Romania.

RO: Statistica Covid19 Romania s-a mutat pe site-ul

EN: A while ago, I’ve started the development of a personal project which would display a better overview of the Covid19 situation in Romania.

The website uses only the official data provided by the government.

Quick Read UX Design

Why did I stop redesigning my site?

I remember how it felt the very first time I started thinking about designing myself the most fantastic website ever—something for the AWWW Hall of Fame.


Gaming User Interfaces

Episode 2 is up. We live in a fast-moving age, where games are usually shipped in a good enough state (according to developers) and a mediocre state according to customers. In this episode, together with Mircea Gui we’re talking about the state of Gaming Interfaces and how some companies failed to see the forest due to a small tree.


Ethics — Episode 1

Hello everyone

Welcome to the Design Conversation show, I am Paul, your host, and wacky designer. This is my podcast where I talk about the things I am passionate about. Every show I have interesting conversations with awesome people.

Career UX Design

How to start your career in UX

Happy New Year everyone!

I’ve got a lot of requests to talk or write about how to start in User Experience Design (UX). Yes! There are a lot of great sources and awesome people already talking about this for quite some time. But since so many of you asked me about my ¢2, I can’t just sit aside.

Career UX Design

How not to suck as a Lead

I have worked as a UX Designer for almost a decade now. In all this time I had played multiple roles, including the Lead UX Designer and Delivery Leader. I have seen a lot of Leads who struggled and had no ideas what they were doing, the only reason for being in the “lead” role was time with the company.


Hosting World IA Day 2019

Save the date! On February 23, 2019, UX City is hosting in Cluj-Napoca the World IA Day.

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How to ace your next interview?

Let’s get one thing out of our way.
Your interview is about you! Not about the school you went to, not about your grades, who your parents are or for whom you worked for or with. Nope! None of that. Your interview is about who you are, what you do and how you do it. For everything else, there’s the CV.

UX Design

How not to be a noob at UX Design

A few tips which could potentially make your life as a user experience designer easier

Trigger warning! — This article uses irony and sarcasm. Have fun reading 🙂

UX is hot 🌶️ right now and everyone wants a slice of the pie! 2017 is going to be an awesome year for UX, but don’t take my word for it.