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Happy New Year everyone! I’ve got a lot of requests to talk or write about how to start in User Experience Design (UX). Yes! There are a lot of great sources and awesome people already talking about this for quite some time. But since so many of you asked me about my ¢2, I can’t just sit aside. Now is the best moment in time to start thinking about a career switch or doing something…

I have worked as a UX Designer for almost a decade now. In all this time I had played multiple roles, including the Lead UX Designer and Delivery Leader. I have seen a lot of Leads who struggled and had no ideas what they were doing, the only reason for being in the “lead” role was time with the company. So I thought it’s appropriate to share my tips and tricks on how not to…

A few tips which could potentially make your life as a user experience designer easier

Trigger warning! — This article uses irony and sarcasm. Have fun reading 🙂

UX is hot 🌶️ right now and everyone wants a slice of the pie! 2017 is going to be an awesome year for UX, but don’t take my word for it.

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