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Episode 2 is up. We live in a fast-moving age, where games are usually shipped in a good enough state (according to developers) and a mediocre state according to customers. In this episode, together with Mircea Gui we’re talking about the state of Gaming Interfaces and how some companies failed to see the forest due to a small tree.

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Gaming User Interfaces – Design Conversation Podcast

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00:00:00 Intro
00:04:43 Battlelog (Old BF UI)
00:10:00 Gaming API and how the date is used
00:15:50 Giving feedback to developers
00:24:00 Rainbow Six Siege turnaround
00:25:35 Microtransactions in gaming Good vs Bad
00:29:00 DLC’s
00:33:00 Start Citizen’s story
00:38:00 Minister of Economy Builds an in-game economy
00:38:45 E-Sports and “life” choices
00:43:35 Hearts of Iron UI
00:45:30 Hiring UX Designers at Gaming Studios
00:49:00 Battlefield V UI mistakes
00:53:00 The beauty Battlelog was
01:06:35 Call of Duty Blackout
01:10:27 Using data
01:14:19 Ghost Recon Wildlands Feedback & Closing remarks

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