Hosting World IA Day 2019

Save the date! On February 23, 2019, UX City is hosting in Cluj-Napoca the World IA Day.

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About World Information Architecture Day

World Information Architecture Day is dedicated to the empowerment of local leaders. Our celebrations inspire the global growth of information architecture as a community of practice, and we value diverse thoughts and thinkers in our celebrations. World IA Day is jointly produced by a network of global, regional, and local volunteers with support from the Information Architecture Institute.

Learn. Share. Grow.

A lot of love goes into each World IA Day celebration. Location organizers around the world plan from July to February curating quality information architecture content based on our global theme. Whether organized as an informal gathering, a design slam, a conference or something in between; each celebration is unique and local teams are creative, designing a day that brings value to their community and awareness to the practice of information architecture. We have been celebrating World Information Architecture Day since 2012, and our celebrations grow every year.

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