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Why did I stop redesigning my site?

I remember how it felt the very first time I started thinking about designing myself the most fantastic website ever—something for the AWWW Hall of Fame.

Ten years later, I am still not done, and I won’t be for a while, but that’s ok.

Here’s why.

Every time I was thinking about my redesign, one thought always popped into my mind. “It should be awesome looking! It should be my business card!”. I should be proud of it. Now ten years later, I believe this is where I failed in my attempt to make it “awesome.”

I spend so much time thinking about how it would look like, designing for various “things,” looking at what others were having, and how great their design was that I forgot why I’m making it.

The redesign was never about looking cool; it was about having a place where I can share my experience, tell my story, and not be a 3rd party tool over which I have no control. Don’t get me wrong, Medium is good, but I prefer to own my stuff.

If you’re like me and spent too much time redesigning your website, take a step back and think why you need it. I realized I need a website so I can post stories. It needs to get the job done, allow visitors to read quickly, and move one with their days.

All this time spent, building something perfect could have been devoted to making content.

“The enemy of good, is perfect!”

Anonymous hero

Here’s to you TwentyTwenty WordPress theme, for now. You’re not perfect, but you’re good enough for what I need today.

Until next time.

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